D800 Left AF UK repair experience

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Re: D800 Left AF UK repair experience

McKie wrote:

The problem is most pronounced with wide angle lenses wide open (snipped) This time they don't want me to send the body in but rather submit RAW images which I have done

Your autofocus issues seem to be with subjects the D800 instructions and the instructions with the 14-24 and 16-35 reasonably explain can result in poor focus accuracy, and where the Nikon suggested solution is to consider using manual focus.

When taking portraits with the camera in portrait position with outer line detectors on a subjects eye, autofocus is less efficient than with a central cross type sensor. This results in an increased chance of poor focus accuracy.

Threads on this forum about DC lens focus issues (pre D800) indicate line autofocus works well with false eyelashes in hard lighting, and often fails with fine pencil eyebrow detail in soft lighting - which is in line with Nikon's guidance on when autofocus accuracy may not be good

As Nikon has seen your camera twice and appear reticent to have it in the workshop again it seems reasonable to assume they (as distinct from yourself) could not find a fault.

If your camera has a fault you are entitled to a refund or exchange from the retailer in the UK, not from Nikon.

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