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Sure they do...

kelpdiver wrote:

farenlina wrote:

That’s one solution I haven’t thought about, thanks! But when using HDMI to Display port adapter is that with sound as well

I don't think most PC video cards with HDMI transmit sound over it. For the few monitors with speakers, I believe you're still running an audio cable. For video, the HDMI/DVI cable has long been easy to get.

Most do now. I've got a little Dell Inspiron 11Z I bought year before last in refurbished condition from Dell Outlet for $153.22 that uses an Intel GMA 4500MHD video chipset in it that supports audio over it's HDMI port. The regular 4500M chipset does not, but the HD version does.

I've been considering using it for an HTPC setup (for watching online content, storing and playing movies, music and photos) running OpenElec (a linux based operating system with XBMC and plugins available for it for media playback). The netbook is currently setup in a muti-boot config with 64 Bit Win 7 and some linux distros on it. So, adding another one that's geared towards media use is no big deal.

I'm using a little Android 4.0 based set top box for that purpose right now. But, the chipset in it is a bit underpowered, and I keep thinking that the netbook may be better suited. I don't use the netbook much (only when away from home). So, I could just unplug it to take it with me, and hook it back up (HDMI cable, power, wireless keyboard) each time I get back to the house.

I think most of the newer Intel chipsets support audio over HDMI, too.

Most newer Nvidia cards also support audio over HDMI. I've got an Nvidia GT 440 that's two generations old that does (and newer 5xx and 6xx series cards have come out since I got that one).

But, chances are, a desktop display (versus a display used for TV) is not going to support Audio over an HDMI connection anyway (you'd just use separate audio cables to the jacks on it from your computer if buying a monitor with speakers built in).

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