Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

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I'm on record as believing ...

I really don't think there will be an E7. This does not mean I would not welcome one, I just don't think Olympus has the resources to create one. Even without apparent 4/3rds investment, their photo division is bleeding money.

If I were in dreamland, I would ecstatic to see an E1 with modern electronics and a faster shutter cycle speed. I don't even need it to be smaller. It is already smaller than the E3/E5.

What I think we will see is an attempt by Oly to create a m4/3rds body good enough with 4/3rds that it will create a market for their 4/3rds lenses. However, each small fast zoom with native focus released by Panny diminishes that potential market. The problem with SHG lenses is they are large and heavy enough to be compared directly with FF lenses. This will not impress most of the m4/3rds market.

However, it will be a happy solution for those currently left with the E5 as the best camera body available. In terms of comparable camera performance, it really is ancient now. Even their weak AA "solution" has been surpassed.

Only really good photographers can get good images from an E5

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