Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

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it does cost Oly not much money to put a OMD sensor+processor in an E-520, E30 or E-5.

Raist3d wrote:

Keeping the replies and the thoughts where the other thread left, here's some context:

Many seem to see now some of the issues that a minority like me brought up when the E-5 was released- that it was pretty much a bit much for some key aspects where it had some outdated technologies. Please understand this does not equate to "you can't take good photos with it" but that basically you end up paying same or more than other options in the market that seemed to do better as a photographic tool, as a canvas of light if you will.

A lot of people have jumped by now, and Olympus visible lack of 4/3rd product and m4/3rd focus certainly did not inspire confidence in many of those for coming back.

My opinion is: much Pro's did leave 4/3 or go m43 (!).

So the amateurs stay at 4/3, those who want a OVF, or simply have 4/3 lenses ( including some Pro's ).

I cannot imagine a pro who does not have 4/3, going 4/3, because m43 has 2 manufacturers and is a much more secure decision, and m43 has a Pro camera: The Gh3. And m43 is market leader in mirrorless.

Oly should exchange the status of m43 and 4/3: Make affordable but reliable products for 4/3 for a long time ( simply by putting m43 tech in 4/3 bodies ) and make a Pro/Semipro product line in pure m43.

Now under this view maybe a E-550 or E-50 would be better than a E-7, but ok a E-7 is better than no more 4/3 camera.


I don't see at this point Olympus cash efforts should be spent re-viving 4/3rds.

I think it does cost Oly not much money to put a OMD or E-PL5 ( even more dxomark points than OMD !! )  sensor+processor in an E-520, E30 or E-5. That in mind I cannot understand why Oly delays the next 4/3 camera announcement - usually announcements are delayed to sell the older cameras but thats just pointless in 4/3, it will hurt the 4/3 product line each day nothing is announced.

But then Oly should be honest and say: 4/3 will continue without 4/3-specific investments.

Ok, the future may be an E-7 with some more improvements what's also not bad - if thats "ready to go into final production and all specs are defined " as rumors say, then Oly should announce this.

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