Purple flare: Causes and remedies

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Re: Purple flare: Causes and remedies

The EM-5 sensor, as exceptional as it may be, has a coating on its attached hot mirror that reflects purple light off axis:

If the rear element of an attached lens is small, highly convex, recessed into the lens body, or has a multicoating that effectively squelches reflections all the way to ends of the visible spectrum, purple flare isn't much of a problem.

Unfortunately, the 7-14 has a large, only slightly convex rear element with a coating that bounces off-axis reflections from the sensor back onto it.

This forum looked in the issue in detail months ago, and short of replacing the anti-reflective coatings on either the hot mirror or the 7-14 rear element, there doesn't seem much to be done except to recompose so the purple splotches are not problematic.

I'm sure Olympus is aware of the issue, though images I've seen of the the E-M2 and and E-PL5 indicate they're still using the same hot mirror.

Now I've read Ander's post, its a linear polarizer, right?  That should cancel out polarized reflections from the sensor.

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