Purple flare: Causes and remedies

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Re: Purple flare: Causes and remedies

richarddd wrote:

Anders W wrote:

richarddd wrote:

I'd note that there are two issues, flare and purple. Purple is relatively easy to deal with in post processing (if you have the right tools). Flare is a much more difficult task in post.

Yes, but the purpleness is not always that easy to get rid off, depending on how much of it and where it is. I can't remember seeing any complaints about flare with the 7-14 before that flare started to become purple. The reason, of course, is that before that it was hardly visible since it merely implied a slight loss of contrast, although it was certainly present.

Perhaps because people are generally used to flare, especially with an UWA lens, while purple flare is much more unusual.

The usual remedy for flare is to avoid bright lights, especially point sources.

Yes, but there are quite a few scenes where this is more or less impossible.

Yes, alas.

I look forward to seeing your technique.

I hope I won't make you too disappointed. But I should mention in advance that I think my main contribution (if any) will be toward a better understanding of the causes. Not that the solutions are bogus but they do have their downsides.

I notice you didn't include EXIF data. Does that provide a clue to your technique?

They might, yes, at least in one case and perhaps indirectly in the other. So I removed them in order to make the quiz a bit more challenging.

If it's in the EXIF data and it's not aperture, that leaves shutter speed and ISO, neither of which I'd have thought would have any effect on flare, purple or otherwise.

The EXIF contains a lot of stuff as you can see if you have the right EXIF reader. No, I mentioned that I kept shutter speed constant (1/5 s) and ISO stayed constant at 200.

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