Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

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Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

Keeping the replies and the thoughts where the other thread left, here's some context:

Many seem to see now some of the issues that a minority like me brought up when the E-5 was released- that it was pretty much a bit much for some key aspects where it had some outdated technologies. Please understand this does not equate to "you can't take good photos with it" but that basically you end up paying same or more than other options in the market that seemed to do better as a photographic tool, as a canvas of light if you will.

A lot of people have jumped by now, and Olympus visible lack of 4/3rd product and m4/3rd focus certainly did not inspire confidence in many of those for coming back.  I actually don't mind that new direction since 4/3rds was just not giving them any profit, and I rather have the company survive and give me support for what I still have of 4/3rds than have no company and no support.

For what it's worth, I think an E-7 having just an E-5 body with OMD-5's sensor, would be a really nice upgrade from an E-3/E-30/E-5. Even better- an E-1 with the OMD-5 sensor - well ok, if it's smaller

I am beginning to think it will start to be "a little too late" vs competitors but that won't matter much as the sensor of the OMD-5 I think would bring it to a level of "reasonably good enough" for a lot of good quality photographs in a fairly wide variety of situations. And the E-7 is not a camera that will be made to sell the 4/3rds system to new comers anyway, if it comes to exist- just like the E-5- a nice perk for those of us who have 4/3rd lenses and want to continue to use that system.

Rumor has it the Pentax K-3 will be announced within 3 months from now, probably a sensor ballpark competitor of the Nikon D7100. If Olympus wants to keep more of their 4/3rds market around to buy their E-7 (if it will exist), maybe it wouldn't hurt much to announce it now even if it won't be available until later this year.

Of course maybe the E-7 won't come to be and we will have a micro our thirds capable of using the 4/3rds lenses well, in which case they have to keep secret since a micro four thirds model is their current torch bearer.

I don't see at this point Olympus cash efforts should be spent re-viving 4/3rds. Putting an OMD-5 sensor in an E-7 brings the 4/3rds platform to a decent level of performance for those of us who still have the lenses and want to use one, while having them spend the least amount of cash.

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