D800 Left AF UK repair experience

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Re: D800 Left AF UK repair experience

5tve wrote:

McKie wrote:

I realise this post might frustrate some people. If that's the case skip over it.

My D800 has been back to Nikon UK (Richmond) twice now for back focus issues with the far left viewfinder sensors. It's still not sorted. The problem is most pronounced with wide angle lenses wide open but still exhibits it at 70mm which is a nightmare for portraits when I'm wanting to get an eye tack sharp.

I've been in touch with Nikon again. This time they don't want me to send the body in but rather submit RAW images which I have done.

There is a consistent problem with the left sensors which is not exhibited by the centre or right sensors. Given this inconsistency, my experience with previous autofocus cameras, and the cost of the professional D800 body I do not accept that these focusing errors are within an acceptable level of tolerance.
How do I pursue this to an appropriate resolution - should they provide me with a replacement D800 body or arrange for a refund from the sales outlet? The body was purchased around 10 months ago. Any lawyers with experience of retail law able to give me a steer?

Has anyone got experience of Nikon arranging a refund or a replacement body?

Much to my wife's confusion and frustration I have managed to get a used D3 body which I have much more confidence in. I do use my photography as a source of income and I need to have confidence in the kit I'm using.

Thanks in advance for constructive comments.

Thanks for posting I have the same problem I'm hoping to hear something positive about Richmond before sending my camera in to be fixed.

Its disgusting that you can send a camera in to Nikon to be fixed & they return it with the same problem, the technicians must know they failed.

I have seen several posts mainly from owners in the USA sending their camera in for a third time & finally getting it fixed.

I would send it in for a third time & notify them that you expect it to be repaired or exchanged for a new working camera or a full refund. If you receive the camera back still faulty you will go to small claims court to seek a full refund.

Do make sure you are testing properly first http://www.bythom.com/D800autofocus.htm


Another option is http://www.civilmediation.justice.gov.uk/

How long ago was the last failed attempt by Nikon ?

thanks heptagon & 5tve for your comments/suggestions.  Nikon have got sample images to look at and I'm awaiting their response on these.  They've already come back to me and said their only responsibility is repair under warranty and that for any replacement/refund I must go through the original retailer.  I'll see what the response is on the images and may give them a 3rd opportunity to fix but make clear at that stage to retailer and Nikon that if it is not resolved I will pursue options for replace or refund.

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