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The X-Pro1 review features "three Olympus OM Zuiko lenses from the 1970s that are all still easy to find today."

If those three lenses from the 1970's were worth mentioning at all (fungus and dust-free all, no doubt), then the K-01 should have gotten a Gold Award for the far broader availability of K-mounts alone -- with no adapters needed.

And yes, the "K-01 is bulky" myth was misguided from the start.  None of these cams are truly "pocketable" with a lens attached, not even the Pentax Q.  "Bulky" was always a red herring.

Another bad comment (among many) in the original K-01 review was claiming that placement of the flash pop-up button was "right where you hold the camera."  Maybe so if you want to pinch the camera on its back edge between index fingers and thumbs (WTF?).  I hold it left hand under the lens like the proper camera it is.

K-01 was unnecessarily bashed by non-users, people who didn't touch one before firing off on it.  That is as factual a statement  anyone's claim of "bulky, or "ugly."

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