A Small Canon powershot VS Nikon V1

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Re: A Small Canon powershot VS Nikon V1

peter42y wrote:

After plentiful of criticism I did upload more comparison pictures. They were all taken seconds apart, auto ISO , auto White balance, auto aperture.

Well at least we'll give you points for humor. I liked the "They claim larger sensors are much better than tiny ones. But is that true in outdoors?"

You might want to stroll over to DXOmark. While you can't get a direct comparison you can get a rough idea. V1 sensor is rated an overall 54 while top end P&S S95 is rated at 47. This is with a sensor that's a bit larger than the ELPH. The 95's is 1/1.7" versus 1/2.3" for the ELPH.

Even the new(ish) S100 is 50, still behind................and this is a high end P&S with a larger sensor - the EPLH would be rated even lower.

See where this is going? That simply means you don't have the range that the V1 does - might not matter to you but it simply means it can't perform as well overall. Be like me saying my V1 is as good as my D5100..............um, no, the D5100 gets an 80 overall. But like all tools each has some strengths - the D5100 couldn't hope to keep up with the V1 in speed shooting or portability.

Keep beating the dead horse & arguing with the numbers.

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