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Drum roll please.........

Great job. In particular, some of the best low-light/high ISO scores for any compact, beating the S110, LX7 and P7700 for Sports (Low-Light ISO) score, and only falling short of the larger sensor X10 by a small amount.

The MX-1 also beats the popular G15 (a compact that everybody seems to love to talk up) on the strength of it's color depth and extremely high low-light scores for it's class.

It performed similarly to the XZ-2, which is not surprising since AFAIK they share the same sensor. It would have topped all 1/1.7" sensor compact but was held back by it's color depth scores which were in line with similar compact but were +/- 1 EV worse than the Nikon. This surprising as it is my understanding that the MX-1, XZ-2 and P7700 all share the same sensor (I guess Nikon added some special sauce like they did to the 16 mp Sony Exmor sensor in the D7000).

Anyway, the more I read about the MX-1, the more I like it. Hmm...

Cheers, Markus

** Note: Sorry if this has already been posted, but couldn't find it in a search, and since it just went up a little while ago, I thought maybe people hadn't seen it yet.

IF only you will look at the graphs you'll see that there's no special sauce, only access to a lower base iso with the P7700 which will obviously net a higher DR and Color Depth score.

As those P&S cameras no (reasonable) user is going to use at a higher sensitivity than 1600 ISO, they perform completely identically. At least their sensor/processing is the same. Different lens in each of them can make some overall difference however. The problem with Pentax is not that they came with a mediocre camera, but that they came with it too late and they didn’t bring any new, attractive feature. So, why a potential customer would buy a Pentax? The Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Samsung or Panasonic cameras in this class are not worse. And that’s the difference between Pentax and for example Sony. Regardless whether you like or hate Sony, it is the most innovative company without any doubt. The recent Pentax innovations turned out to be rather failures. Yes, the Pentax fans buy them, but only due to a heavy discount.

can't agree. i wish to shoot higher than iso1600 if the camera is capable to and a p&s camera is more often in need for high iso shooting conditions as it is likely going everywhere with you, at least that's for me.  and no, not all p&s perform completely identical at high iso.  and yes, canon, nikon, olympus, samsung or panasonic are not worse but they are certainly not pentax.  i shot sony, canon, panasonic, leica(compact), ricoh and now pentax and sorry there are differences on control, design, IQ, etc.  it is ok you prefer sony which also is one of the companies gives us many excitements. but so do pentax, they try and just not as well received by others.

like the recent K01 discounted announcement which everyone can't wait to express they are so right to predict it will die.  but they never ever use it once.  similarly, if you don't think MX-1 is your choice, please feel free to talk in sony forum or others.

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