NX20 tested on DXOMark - Great Performance

Started Feb 28, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: NX20 tested on DXOMark - Great Performance

tecnoworld wrote:

1/3 of a stop is not a huge difference but, considering the sensor it's the same, that's not even a small difference. It's not that I don't trust DxOMark, but I'd love to see the two cameras tested again, by someone else, just to see if the results are confirmed.

p.s.: nx200 vs nx100 is almost as different as nx20 vs nx200. Seems really too much, imho.

Do not forget that 1/3 stop difference is pretty much within the sample variation you are going to find within these products. An enormous amount of angst in DPR goes into analysing what I am sure are just normal sample variations in product manufacture and experimental measurement between identical products.

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