Underwater housing for RX100

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Ordered one

So, the parcel with the Meikon-42, the underwater housing for Sony DSC-RX100, is on its way.

There has been a delay that can be attributed to the aftereffects of Chinese New Year celebration (seems that there are still quite a few people on the leave). The package is in the hands of DHL as of Wednesday but showed up in the system only yesterday.
That means that, after it passes the customs, I could get it in my hands by the end of the next week.

Apart from that there is one other thing that might be interesting to all online buyers of underwater housings.

There is a problem with air-shipping the silicone grease (the one for the O-ring).
Namely, although silicone grease is not on the dangerous goods list (IATA, DHL, etc.), it is often confused by shipping clerks with silicone oil, which is. The result is that you get a lot of problems if you try to air-ship silicone grease.
The best way to avoid that is to attach a certificate from the grease producer which states it is not on the dangerous goods list.

Now, not every tube of silicone grease comes with that certificate (of course). Such is the case with the grease that comes with most underwater housings and the result is I had to give up on it for the sake of not causing a problem every time a clerk looks at the parcel specs.
It is not a problem specific to a seller. All sellers I contacted have shown concern about shipping silicone grease.

Giving up on the grease is not a big deal, however. I still have some grease left from my old housing. Besides, the grease can be purchased for a small price in every diving shop anyway. It is just not worth the hassle with the shipping company.

That is it for this time.
I'll keep posting the updates.

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