Phottix Odin and Nikon SB-910s

Started Mar 1, 2013 | Questions thread
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Phottix Odin and Nikon SB-910s

Hello, I'm turning to you guys for help as it seems Phottix doesn not respond to my request for some basic support. I received my Phottix Odin kit and my two SB-910s this last week.

I may have been shooiting professionally for more than 30 years but have very little experience with these new technologies (such as TTL and remote TTL. I just trying to get off to a good start here with this new equipment.

This is what I sent to Phottix:

"My question(s) are about the procedure to use the Odin with my SB-910s. I have never used TTL or remote TTL before. I just want to make sure I'm doing this properly. It seems all instruction I find, assumes the user knows the basics. Here are my questions: 1) Do I simply turn on the 910 to its default settings or does it matter what is set on the SB-910? That is, TTL BL. The TCU will take over control of the SB910? I have tested by putting the TCU in TTL mode and manual mode and changing power settings. It works as one might expect. 2) Does the TCU always display "TTL' in the upper left hand corner? Does that mean the system is using TTL instead of straight manual mode? 3) I have tried to adjust the zoom setting on the flash from the TCU. I am testing with a fixed 105mm lens. So there is no zoom for the camera. I just want to adjust the spread of light on the flash. I put the TCU on zoom but cannot make any changes to the flash's zoom setting. What am I doing wrong? 4) Is there a prescribed order to turning on each component of the system. For example, camera first then TCU then receiver etc.? I believe gaining the understanding from the answers to the questions will get me off to a good start."

I appreciate any help from my friends here at dpreview. I have read the manual but it assumes the user has this basic knowledge I guess. It is not addressed. I have also looked at all the online videos I can find and none take the time to start you off at the basics.

Thanks in advance,

Damian Hevia

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