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Schwany wrote:

HDProman wrote:

Please help this old man. Am I doing something wrong, or am I in early Alzheimer? I have owned this camera more than five years.

When this camera is in Av, Tv or P mode and I press the shutter half way I see the exposure indicator on the right side of the viewfinder, or if using live view I see the exposure indicator on the back LCD. I also see the exposure indicator on the top LCD. I realize the exposure indicator is showing exposure compensation.

If I switch over to M mode I can see the same indicators, except it does not show on the top LCD.

Has my camera always operated in this fashion or has a problem recently developed?

Thanks, Floyd

P.S. My 40D shows the top LCD exposure indicator in all modes including M.

That's how the top LCD of 1DMkIV works in MF, so I suspect you have not been paying attention to it until recently. To over or underexpose for a scene in manual mode, you use the meter in the view finder. There is no exposure compensation to display on top. You are in full control of the exposure. I have to admit I have looked at the top LCD expecting to see that EV meter when in manual mode, but it never shows up. he he

Thanks a lot. I guess a trip to Canon Irvine has been cancelled.


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