I want to "delete" all but the center point from the viewfinder on 6D - can I?

Started Mar 1, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Please read and understand my post before bashing!

Do you really think after all these years I would come here without first reading the manual, searching Google and other sources?  YOU ARE THE ONES who need to READ MY POST before you tell me it's all in the manual, because most of you have no idea what I am talking about here!

My 5DMIII shows ONE SQUARE in the center of the VF - not just a center one that lights up when I shoot, but ONE PERIOD.  My 6D is set to use only the center point (lights red when in use) but it STILL SHOWS ALL THE OTHER POINTS/BLACK SQUARES in the VF that are not being used.  I want to set it so the unused points are not all showing in the VF.

If anyone took the time to read my posts on this, they wouldn't complain that I had 2 posts on here trying to explain it so people would understand me!  I also started out by saying I assumed it couldn't be done, and so far from your answers, it looks like I was right to begin with.


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