So anyway, my building is on fire... :(

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Re: So, anyways

James Cafferty wrote:

Chato wrote:


I grabbed the two things I really needed. Some money, and my back-up Hard drive, where I keep my life's work. I always figured that's what I'd take in an emergency; put the money in one pocket and the hard drive in the other.

Glad to hear you are safe. Now take some of the money and buy a 1T hard drive (~$100), copy your life's work onto it and place it in your soon to be rented Safe Deposit Box in your local Bank. Switch portable drives ~every month to cover yourself.

You've been lucky 3x so far, but the next time you may be at work and your "life's work" may go up in smoke with the rest of the building.

I've already replied to this advice (And it's good advice.) I do keep a back-up drive at a friends house, but it's six months out of date.

But the "plan" is based on the idea, that I have to ​run," ​ and how much can you grab, when you "have to run?"

So, I followed the "plan." 


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