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Re: selecting wispy hair questibn

This technique to refine details in a mask is called "choking" by some, or "carving" by others. It needs to be done in a little more sophisticated way than just wacking the mask with a 100% black brush.

First, set the overlay brush to low opacity, about 5% to 10%. Set the brush colors to the default black and white. Then make brush strokes by alternating between black and white (press "X" to swap the colors). A white stroke will "choke" or "carve" away some of the detail, a black stroke will add or enhance some of the detail. Basically, you are increasing the contrast of the mask.

With a little practice you can quickly learn the technique and develop the skill to know when to use white vs. black. It's the swapping back and forth that makes the technique useful. It is a destructive technique, so it's a good idea to save copy of the original mask.

When you are painting on a mask it's difficult to see the end result. Here's a tip to use when painting masks.

1. Go to the menu "Windows/Arrange" and make a "New Window for...", then "Tile Vertical" or "Horizontal" as desired.

2. The same image is now displayed in 2 windows. Pick one, alt-click on the mask, and paint away. You get to see the mask in one window and the real image in the other window.

3. If you need to zoom or move the mask window, go back to the "Window/Arrange" menu and do a "Match all".

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