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TrippleScar wrote:

Good day all,

I have been around the forum for a while and made a few comments here and there.
I have a question for the more experienced photographers out there. My friend has a daughter that is quite keen on taking photography up as she goes to university. I am biased towards the NEX line, but then my friend and his daughter are keen on DSLR.

I just want to give them the best "PHOTOGRAPHY" advise as to what camera to choose, even though they prefer the DSLR to the Mirrorless type. I have explained about the smaller form factor and the advantages over the DSLR route, but they are adamant about not going that route.

"All the other students will be having DSLR's" is also a thing that comes up in the discussion.

So what DSLR would you all recommend that is the best value for money taking into account that it will be the first real camera they buy.


Best regards.

There are two cons with NEX system:

User Interface, at least until one gets to NEX-6, which is more traditional and less menu driven (my preference) and complete with an EVF.

Being a mirrorless camera, action/Sports photography with native mount is extremely limited. The solution is to add LA-EA2 lenses for that purpose (which, IMO, is a better than carrying a bulky system at all times).

Now, the pros:

She can learn the basics, even on a P&S camera with PASM modes. And so she can on NEX.

NEX provides better opportunity to engage in manual photography, which I believe should be high on the list for anybody learning and growing into photography.

NEX is a system that does require one to be tied down to a system. It is flexible and adaptable.

NEX cameras rule in terms of form factor and weight. It limits their use for action/sports. However, that other personality can be addressed for such occasions via EA2 adapter and A-mount lenses. You have it, when you want it. You can skip it, when you don’t.

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