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Re: Ignored A Basic Fact....

You are just repetitively posting against the MX-1 and stirring things up in the Olympus forum (XZ-2 vs XZ-10), even trying to open threads on cameras you have no intention of buying just to knock any replies down I am sure. I have no axe to grind on this as I am a so far happy owner of a Samsung EX2f which is off your radar anyhow. One thing I have found is that a lot of reviewers are completely clueless as to how these cameras work in depth. (One missed that clicking the front dial with the EX2 gives you direct exposure offset). My experience is that this fast lens 1/1.7" camera nearly matches my m43 EPM-1 camera indoors even with a 19mm f2.8 sigma prime which was What Digital Camera's lens of the year. The MX-1 has I am sure an even better sensor and looks a very capable camera. The EX2f will do fine until I can afford an EPM2/E-PL5 which has the new Sony sensor.

From what I recall you were knocking the MX-1 before anyone had seen any images or too few to come to any conclusion. I just find your postings very odd and I will follow them with interest.

Do not forget that we are all really jaded about hearing the same things posted again and again and again and again and again and ....Infinity about the RX100 in non Sony forums and to be honest I really irrationally hate the camera whatever it can or cannot do. Not logical I am sure but we cannot all aspire to Vulcan detachment.

jimr wrote:

You somehow totally ignored the basic and crucial fact that when I said be patient before coming to IQ conclusions about the X 20 the only samples available were from preproduction X 20s with preproduction firmware, while the MX -1 comments came from totally full production Pentax MX -1's with full production level firmware.

Greynerd wrote:

If you look carefully at jimr's posts the Fuji X20 seems to be the real object of his dreams. The RX100 is just an easy stick to talk down cameras with the big sensor must be better line. He is busy playing off many cameras against each other in other forums but is a bit less subtle with the attacks on the MX-1, however he defends the X20 vigorously saying people must be patient etc.. He has also just cut and pasted a great mass of data for an award for the Xtrans sensor.

If you noticed after being corrected about proper etiquette. that I apologized immediately for posting a large portion of the article rather than posting a link. Follow the full posting to give a true picture of what happened rather than take things out of context.

Did you happen to notice that it DXoMark made the comparison of the MX -1 to the RX-100. Then a selected portion of the DXoMark conclusion was posted. Selected. I posted the rest of the conclusion written in the same evaluation/test by DXoMark that somehow that was 'forgotten' and skipped in the OP.

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