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Re: Nothing to write home about?

Ubilam wrote:

Hey Elfrog

Why do DPR forum monitors give their opinions so freely now?

Why are you commenting on people's photos. Are you not supposed to be neutral?

What is going on? You guys plug your own websites and personal data in the signatures now!

Obviously, you do not understand the role of the forum moderators. I enforce:

  1. You and everybody else being polite
  2. You and everybody else being civil
  3. You and everybody else not being offensive
  4. You and everybody else not being antagonistic
  5. That and everybody else do not break the law
  6. That and everybody else do not post advertising messages

I have the right to give my own opinion. It's my opinion, it's not yours, it's not my wife's, my kids, my dog's opinion nor DPReview's opinion.

My opinion is mine, it's not the thuth, it's my opinion and I present it as such. Please note that I'm very strongly opinionated. My opinion can be changed but mostly based on facts that are important to me.

Nowhere in any of the detailed rules: does it say that I do not have the right to my opinion.

My website in my signature ? First it is Canon 7D related, over 300 post related to the Canon 7D. The only other time that I mentioned my website is when it's a detailed blog post that is related to the question asked. And here is a quote from a "top, top brass":

when looking at whether a signature is 'advertising' we tend to look at the intent. If you're selling cameras or trying to get people to join another forum we take a dim view. If your only reason for posting is to get traffic to your site, we take a dim view. We don't care about pro photographers putting their sites in their sigs.
The bolding is my emphasis. I'm a pro (so I claim), I'm not selling any advertising or anything else (at this point) on the website.

BTW, Google is smart enough to not count links in signatures toward any "SEO" rankings but that's another long detailed analysis.

Now, if you or anybody else do not like my interpretation (and yes it's an interpretation) of the rules, you can go up the food chain at:

In this case, I can say whatever I want about the photos but I cannot insult or denigrate the photographer/the poster. And I think that's what I did. He asked for people's opinions on his 2 photos and I gave my opinion.

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