NEX6 for indoor sports?

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Low Budget Dave wrote:

It sounds like the NEX6 might not be the ideal tool for the job, but not hopeless either. That is good to know. I prefer trying to learn an existing camera, rather than shopping for a new one.

And with NEX-6, you don't really need to. It may not be the ideal camera for everything, but no camera is. However, it does provide you with the flexibility to achieve those qualities that are lacking in its native form, in this case via EA2 adapter and A-mount lenses. I could easily live with just NEX-6, and E-mount/legacy lenses that take advantage of the qualities, and have EA2 adapter and fast zoom lenses for sports/action photography.

The 70-200 Sigma 2.8 is an interesting idea, and does include their OS. Of course it is a bit bigger than the NEX, but I guess I kind of figured that going in. At $1,400 it is about the same or less than I would pay for the unstabilized Canon, and about $700 less than the IS Canon.

OS will primarily be handy if you use the lens handheld under less than ideal conditions when shutter speed is limited. And if you don't mind not having OS, you could also look into Minolta 80-200 f/2.8 G HS or Minolta 200mm f/2.8 G HS. I have the latter, and it is a superb lens. Not very big or heavy either. I've also seen images out of the old 80-200 and they have always impressed me.

I had considered replacing the 200G with 70-200G SSM but I realized that the 200G can go to more places with me. Its smaller form allows me to fit two camera bodies and have three lenses in my sling bag. Also, the NEX+EA2+200G combination weighs a total of 3 lb (as much as the 70-200G on its own).

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