Upgrading E410 to E-3 / E-5?

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Re: Upgrading E410 to E-3 / E-5?

SelSol wrote:

... Now, I've always been fairly happy with the images, but my clients are now thinking about going slightly more upscale with their marketing, and I'm not sure my E-410 will really cut it.

It will cut it ... if you upgrade the lenses and the flash system.  Going to an E-30 or E-3 or any other more recent E-body (including the E-5) will not make as significant or important a difference as improving your lenses, your technique and your flash arrangement. In fact, going to an E-30 ... a noisy camera even at low ISOs ... might make things worse, and not just because of the noise. It has a noticeably different tone curve than the E-410.  The curve has a tendency to plug up shadows, which is the last thing you want in your kind of photography. Sure, you can correct this in post, but do you want to spend that kind of time?

I would also highly recommend changing systems at this point, but that seems out-of-the-question for you right now. The E-bodies (pick one; pick any one) are way behind the curve ... although, within their limitations, they still produce great pics. And the Olympus lenses are hard to beat.

But you AND your clients would see a noticeable improvement all around if you went to the OM-5.

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