MX-1 DxOMark Test Up

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Re: MX-1 DxOMark Test Up

marike6 wrote:

Drum roll please.........

Great job. In particular, some of the best low-light/high ISO scores for any compact, beating the S110, LX7 and P7700 for Sports (Low-Light ISO) score, and only falling short of the larger sensor X10 by a small amount.

The MX-1 also beats the popular G15 (a compact that everybody seems to love to talk up) on the strength of it's color depth and extremely high low-light scores for it's class.

It performed similarly to the XZ-2, which is not surprising since AFAIK they share the same sensor. It would have topped all 1/1.7" sensor compact but was held back by it's color depth scores which were in line with similar compact but were +/- 1 EV worse than the Nikon. This surprising as it is my understanding that the MX-1, XZ-2 and P7700 all share the same sensor (I guess Nikon added some special sauce like they did to the 16 mp Sony Exmor sensor in the D7000).

Anyway, the more I read about the MX-1, the more I like it. Hmm...

Cheers, Markus

** Note: Sorry if this has already been posted, but couldn't find it in a search, and since it just went up a little while ago, I thought maybe people hadn't seen it yet.

IF only you will look at the graphs you'll see that there's no special sauce, only access to a lower base iso with the P7700 which will obviously net a higher DR and Color Depth score.

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