Where is the successor of the HX20v ?

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Re: Where is the successor of the HX20v ?

The marketing materials from Sony on the WX300 compare it directly to the HX20V, so it looks like that's the replacement. Since the WX300 has wifi capability it seems to also be replacing the HX30V.

There's no direct replacement for the WX150 either, so the WX300 fills those shoes as well. Right now it is effectively replacing the following discontinued models: WX100, WX150, HX10V, HX20V, HX30V.

I'd expect a lower end model to the WX300 to see the light of day mid year or so. Something in the $200-$250 list price range, maybe a bit smaller (the WX300 is a bit pudgier than last generation WXs).

If you need bigger zoom you can go to HX200V and HX300V.

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