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Re: You love the RX100, go buy it...

If you look carefully at jimr's posts the Fuji X20 seems to be the real object of his dreams. The RX100 is just an easy stick to talk down cameras with the big sensor must be better line. He is busy playing off many cameras against each other in other forums but is a bit less subtle with the attacks on the MX-1, however he defends the X20 vigorously saying people must be patient etc.. He has also just cut and pasted a great mass of data for an award for the Xtrans sensor.

marike6 wrote:

jimr wrote:

From DxOMark In The Same Test We Also Find This Conclusion Not To Be Overlooked:

"Two slightly higher priced enthusiast compact cameras that compete with the MX-1 are the Olympus XZ-2 iHS ($599.99) and theSony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 ($649.99). The Olympus XZ-2 and MX-1 have the same Overall Score of 49 and perform almost identically across all three use case scores, which comes as no surprise given that they likely utilize the same 12-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor.

The Sony RX100, on the other hand, sports a much larger 1-inch CMOS sensor and is therefore able to achieve higher marks across the board, with an Overall Score of 66, essentially performing a full stop better than the MX-1 and XZ-2 as well as the Canon S110 and Panasonic LX7. In fact, the RX100 is able to beat the MX-1 and XZ-2 by 1.5 stops in color depth and 1EV in dynamic range. And in low-light shooting it wins by nearly one full stop, indicating that it is a better option for sports photography—again, no surprise given its larger sensor."

RE: Video review

Why do people continually brag about the RX100? EVERYBODY and their mother knows about the RX100 but the focus if this post is the Pentax MX-1 and in case you missed it, this is the Pentax Compact Camera forum.

For some reason, every single time someone mentions the MX-1, you try to sell them ANOTHER cameras either the G15 or RX100 or whatever. You don't like the MX-1, don't buy it, but how about letting the people who want to talk about this exciting new Pentax do their thing without constantly trying to outdo them with another camera?

I've already owned and sold my RX100. It's got very good IQ and a good sensor, but it didn't do it for me as a camera. After using the X10 for almost a year, I hated shooting with the RX100. The DPR review talked about the things that are less good on the RX100, slow f4.9 max aperture and poor macro mode, and these are two of the things that made me dislike the camera. If you like it, go buy it.

You started yelling at Blunty in his excellent MX-1 review because you couldn't accept that he enjoys shooting with the MX-1 more than the RX100, so you seem to be having a tough time because not everybody loves the cameras YOU love.

I'm interested in talking about the MX-1, a camera with a fast lens, and excellent IQ.

On a side note, what's up with this forum? The new flagship tests great at DxOMark and only 3 people care to talk about it? It's no wonder that Pentax cameras don't do well in the market, it's own users it's a forum dedicated to compacts aren't even interested enough to talk about the exciting new Pentax. When the Q was released, I was one of the few people in this forum defending it. Now that it's $299, EVERYBODY love it and it's all anybody wants to talk about. Weird how that works.

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