MX-1 DxOMark Test Up

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Re: MX-1 DxOMark Test Up

I totally agree with you, marike6.

It's a shame that too many people rant about things that have nothing to do with this/or other subjects and have nothing to do with photography. Ranting is just a childish expression of stupidity and people like that should be banned by the moderators. Ranters are mostly blinded by their personal choices and mere technical characteristics like sensor sizes etc.: Pixel peeping paupers.

In the end, it is all about what the camera will produce and what the 'feel' of the photographs is. Leica's for instance never get the highest technical scores, but the beauty of their photographs are without discussion. And there are many prize winning professional photographers that use cheap, supposedly technical inferior cameras to produce the most compelling pictures ever made. The camera is a tool, not a goal.

Obviously, Pentax has (again) succesfully made 'more' of a mere 1/1.7 sensor.

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