85/1.8g vs 105/2.8VR for portraiture

Started Mar 1, 2013 | Discussions thread
kiirokurisu Regular Member • Posts: 385
Re: 85/1.8g vs 105/2.8VR for portraiture

(This thread would probably be better in the Nikon Lens Talk forum)

I'm currently making the same choice - I have an 85 1.8G and while it is superb, it is (for my tastes) just a tad too short for headshots - I find myself stepping back and cropping after the fact. The 105/2.8VR costs more than twice as much as the 85 1.8G, but gives you macro and VR. In terms of sharpness from my research they seem to be pretty close (the 85 has maybe a slight edge when shot wide open), and bokeh quality is also pretty close subjectively. Both have similar DOF shot wide open at the same distance (perspective notwithstanding).  All in all, I think I will be going ahead and swapping out my 85 1.8G for a 105 2.8VR.

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