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Re: menu in dimage A2

Jim N'AZ wrote:

Walter, Do you mean this menu will not move via the four-way controller?

The only thing I can think is that the four-way controller is stuck/jammed in some way. Have you tried manipulating the four arrows rapidly and/or eyeballing the four arrows to see if one or more is depressed more than the others?

If the 4-way is not functioning correctly, I'm pretty sure there would be other symptoms... the fault would not be confined to menu navigation only, I am thinking...[??] The extent of the problem is something that can be tested with the camera in other modes.


Maybe the camera firmware has become confused, and is not following instructions correctly...[??] This does happen sometimes. A camera reset, followed by a cold boot procedure, will usually fix this.

Cold Boot: Following reset, take the battery out and leave it out for 30-40 minutes, then replace and switch on. (Good Luck!)

Otherwise, all I can suggest is to exercise the 4-way with repeated pressings, say, by 'grinding' your thumb round in a circular motion. If the problem is caused by switches that are not giving positive connection, using them repeatedly will tend to clean them.

If I have not been using them, I take my A2 cameras out every week or so and give their switches and systems a little gentle exercise. I think it helps.

But if the switches are worn out, well, that is a bigger problem....This camera is now considered a very old model, and the manufacturer is not even in the camera business anymore.

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