Help with Zeiss 24mm!

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Re: Help with Zeiss 24mm!

Here's an example of a HDR test shot I took last year. I don't know why it's rotated since it's in portrait orientation in my gallery...

Note that it's a JPG, which shows how good it is out of the camera. I prefer RAW myself though.

It all comes down to your personal preferences and what you find most important in your photography. I shoot just as a hobby, but over the years I've gone through a lot of different gear (good thing about photography, you can often buy and sell used gear for very little monetary loss), and the one thing that I've noticed is that better image quality is almost always worth it versus slightly cheaper price. Sometimes you can get both if build quality is cheap. When coming home from trips, what I most regret is having a great scene to shoot, which would have been a lot better if I had a better IQ lens to shoot it with.

The best lens image quality wise was the Canon 135L F2, but the focal length and no IS was pretty limiting. After this, the best image quality I've got is with the Zeiss 24mm, plus the focal length is pretty much perfect.

Even though many people consider the Zeiss overpriced, and for the full price, actually so do I, so if you do buy it, try to get it second hand if you can (I paid 670 euros when it's normally 1000 euros).

The huge difference comes from shallow depth of field and low light capabilities, and somewhat in sharpness. There is always a tradeoff when using a lens with a wider focal length range, like a zoom. There will always be a significant difference in certain areas.

Although by no means perfect, here are some low light and shallow DOF examples from my Zeiss 24mm on a Nex-5n.

If you consider image quality your most important requirement, the Zeiss is a great investment. If price and focal length versatility is equally important, it might not be as useful. I do recommend it though despite the price.

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