Does anyone here have the RX100 to go with your NEX?

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Re: Does anyone here have the RX100 to go with your NEX?

Yes, I'm another one who has both a NEX-7 (as well as an original NEX-5) and now an RX100 as well. If I have both with me, I'd normally use the NEX, most often with the SEL18200. But there are many occasions when I want a smaller, more discreet and silent camera, and for those occasions, the RX100 is a great substitute. Obviously the ultimate image quality isn't as good, but it's closer than you might expect.

As with the NEX-7, I usually shoot in RAW and process using DxO. The UI is similar, and the RX100 even has some advantages, including three memory settings and a more sophisticated multi-frame noise reduction mode. Many other multi-frame features, such as sweep panorama and Anti-Motion Blur, are exactly the same.  The Function button is also nifty, though I miss the NEX-7's Tri-Navi controls.

If you shoot in RAW, there's also a trick to make the wide end of the lens wider, to about 25mm equivalent, rather than 28mm. This is possible because the RAW image is very distorted at the wide end, and while correcting the geometry, the camera (and most RAW converters by default) crops it to maintain the 3:2 aspect ratio. If you work with the RAW, you can avoid this in some converters to get a wider uncropped image. Here's an example of one of those wider-angle shots: ο»Ώ

An example of a wider-angle RX100 shot, processed from RAW using DxO


This is the ooc JPEG version of the same RX100 image. Note that the girl in a red jacket has been cropped out.

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