Macintosh to Windows (and back) file compatibility question

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Macintosh to Windows (and back) file compatibility question

If a personal project is successful I am thinking about buying an iMac as a reward and make it dedicated to photo and video. As the title hints I am an old f@rt from the time when you could walk inside a computer and lift the disks with difficulties only and I have next to no knowledge of Macs.

The iMac would be off the internet and I would transfer pictures to the Windows platform when posting them online and for backup after manipulating the files in LR and CS and iMovie or similar.

This due to a very extensive and well working and proven backup setup with multiple disks in three different countries (I am paranoid about data security) based on the Windows platform, which I will keep. The idea is of course that if disaster struck I would be able to restore all lost image files from the Windows environment to the iMac.

Replacing the backup disks and go fully Mac is not an option at the moment for financial reasons. And the idea of an iMac is based on the desire to try out something different and perhaps better. I am also quite fascinated by the fusion drives.

Now the questions:

1) Can you move files between Macs and PC these days without problems? It is possibly not the most intelligent or easy flowing setup, but would it work I wonder. I have many different raw-formats from current and previous cameras included .nef, .erf, .orf and more.

Also, I have been used to about 6 years of service from each Windows PC with 4 of them covered by Dell support - the last one buckling out 3 months before the extended guarantee expired :-D. Locally Apple only offers a 3 years care plan which – to me – seems rather short in particular since the iMac would be about twice the cost of my average Windows machine.

2) Is the average life span of Macs comparable to Windows machines? I know stuff can happen, but are they comparable.

3) Is 16 GB memory enough for some video editing and work in LR and CS of pictures?

All input much appreciated

Thanks in advance


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