Just "downgraded" to the NIKON D300 !!!

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Re: Just "downgraded" to the NIKON D300 !!!

FTH wrote:

After playing a while with the DX mode on my D600, it appeared to be useless - impossible to frame right, you always need to remind the center rectangle as framing area, which messes up lots of shots, not speaking about keeping them horizontal : .

Accurate colors :

While the 24MP resolution of my D3200 is an asset for cropping, it suffers from quick detail degradation after 400 ISO already, making the whole 24MP purpose a bit useless after 800 ISO.

But, the main problem of new cmos sensors are colors and skin tone rendition. Earlier CMOS and CCD sensors offer more natural colors out of the box, even when shooting RAW. When pulling the shadows in brown hair, for example, my D5100 and D3200 will turn the hair to blue, no matter what (picture control, wb, tone).

Price point:

500$ for a D300 + Grip (20K actuations) : I just purchase my D300 with grip for 500$ ! A heavy duty pro body, with pro AF, pro weather sealing, pro mechanism and shutter, pro card door, compatible with all AF-D(AF) and AIS lenses (metering), for the same price as a cheap amateur D3200

DX Mode - interesting, did not really think of that, when seeing these features advertised, we tend to 'assume' that they 'work' just fine. Now thinking about it, your experience makes sense.

Degradation and colors -  thatis very disappointing. One would have thought / hoped that improvement is sort of linear i.e. when sensors improve ISO, so do the inherent abilities to crop similarly, push shadows etc. I am always amazed at what detail at lower ISO's a D5000 / D300 sensor has. The dynamic range of this sensor is very good. That the newer high MP sensors are suffer relatively more from degradation on working them, is disappointing.

Price - absolutely wonderful. no brainer deal if one gets a good body. I got mine for 619 without grip, but even that is fantastic for a body in good condition with under 8000 actuations. They ARE built better, that is why they cost so much initially. And at a third of original price, it is amazing, plus someone else has taken the initial (and subsequent even) hit for you, you are almost paying a minor residual value, such that you dont have to worry at all about resale value, you more than saved up front.

Also, it has been and is good enough for pros, so it is surely good enough for me.

I got mine recently, upgraded from a D5000 and am enjoying it. Been busy this past few weeks, not a lot of chance to shoot, though two events this week, I plan to take both, my D300 and my wife's D5000, to have the advantage of two lenses for fast switching.. lol.


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