Does anyone here have the RX100 to go with your NEX?

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Re: Does anyone here have the RX100 to go with your NEX?

Ttriple wrote:

I have the NEX6 and decided to get the RX100 to compliment it due to the rave reviews that this little cam has gotten. If you have the RX100 as well, do you use it more than your NEX? Which one do you prefer more and which one is more fun to use? Is it a good back up camera to the NEX?

Also, do you recommend using a finger strap for the RX100 or any NEX camera? Is it a better alternative to the standard wrist strap? I like this finger strap and this one. Any thought?

I've got an RX100 and a Nex-7. The RX100 deserves the kudos its been receiving.  Really great little camera.

To answer your Q's, I use my Nex more than the RX100.  Really because I've concentrated on landscapes and my daughters' volleyball and basketball and the Nex is much better for those.  I use the RX100 for candid's, street shooting, and just everyday stuff.  To me, the Nex-7 is not pocketable and the RX100 can be pocketed in anything (I'm in either jeans or a suit and carry it everywhere)..

All else being equal, and if I had both cameras with me (which happens often), I prefer to use the Nex more because it fits better in my hand and I prefer its controls over the RX100.  But it's apples and oranges, because I'm using the RX100 in situations where I wouldn't normally wish to carry a larger camera like the Nex-7.

I wouldn't say its a good backup camera to the Nex-7 (again because they are not meant to do the same thing (for me)).  I would say its worth it if you are looking for an excellent pocketable P&S.

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