Pentax K5, worth buying instead of nikon?

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Re: Pentax K5, worth buying

gdourado wrote:

Thank you all for your replies.

Fate has this kind of things...

Today I was offered the chance to buy a mint 13000 shutter actuations D300.

It is a kit with the D300, Nikon 35mm 1.8G and Nikon 18-70 3.5-4.5 AF-S.

All mint and all for 750.

To give a perspective, the K5 with 18-55WR is 650, and the K5 with 18-135WR is 880.

I know the 18-70 is not the best lens out there, but it has a metal mount, f4.5 on the tele-end and rubber gaskets for weather sealing. And I think it might be enough to get me started...

The D300 is supposed to have a very good AF-system. It has plenty of external control and it also has a 100% penta-prism viewfinder.

The sensor is an older gen than the K5 and it is not so good in dynamic-range or high-iso.

The k5 is also smaller and lighter, and the size of the D300 is something that worries me a bit...

All in all, this just came to add more confusion. I don't know if I should take this deal or not...


I believe the Nikon 18-70 has a gasket on the end of the lens - not nearly enough to be called a weather sealed lens.  The Pentax da17-70 has a gasket on the end of that lens and they make no claims that this lens is weather sealed.  True weather sealing is much much more than one gasket on the end of the lens.

In terms of pic quality between the k5 and d300, I think you mention the high iso (family events, night shots) and dynamic range (landscape and architecture shots) are not as good on older sensors.  The flash system of the d300 and focus is probably better than the k5, though the k5iis will be better in very low light situations.  Also, for macro shots, the d300 does not have live view.  Ergonomics wise, the k5 is quite a bit more comfortable.  And of course there's the issue of warranty and buyer's remorse.... what happens if  you have a problem or don't like it?

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