DP-2M ISO 6400 image in B&W

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Re: DP-2M ISO 6400 image in B&W

richard stone wrote:


Thanks for posting your images.

But could I suggest that you never respond to Raist/Ricardo or Diolus (whoever he is) until they show us their complete galleries or, or shall we say, given their pretensions, oeuvre.

That is kind of weird. I thought I have posted from time to time many photographs I have done with a variety of equipment including Sigma cameras. In fact, I have always been quite forthcoming about that, because I do agree it's good to know who does photography to qualify their statements a bit.

I thought I have had posted this enough times so you could have seen it too by now.

Here's a small sample of my portfolio.  I have experience shooting weddings for pay, love doing street night life photography, abstracts, portraits and do try other domains in general, though landscapes are not my forte.


Here's some photography done explicitly with the Sigma:

ISO 3200

ISO 1600

I have many more with the DP2.  Here's with other brands.

Can I ask in return you show us yours?  I always love sharing my photography and seeing what others are up to.

Who are these people? Certainly not professional photographers or respected reviewers. The various professionals have had their say regarding the DPM series, and as far as I can tell the comments are quite favorable. So if Raist (the Pentax Q?) and Diolus want to be on the other side from these various reviewers, that's their right. But to give them any response to their initial baiting post is self-defeating. Their agenda does not appear to be to engage in a discussion regarding cameras or images.

I am not so sure their agenda relates to cameras at all.

I thought there was a discussion on high ISO photography with a Sigma Merrill camera, that's what I am discussing in this thread.


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