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Re: Coyotes

Bob Blount wrote:

Mirror image in water

Shutter sounds.

I'm sorry but the second photo, shutter sounds is nothing to write home about, the background makes the photo uninteresting (at least to me), it could be salvaged with changing the background with photoshop, you know like many of the recent news press photos.

The first one, the background is good, but the coyote is walking away. Now if he was walking toward you, that would be another story.

Over the last few month, I started to become much harsher, especially with myself by asking the question, "would this photo be on the front cover of ..." I try to capture relationship, in this case that would be the relationship between the coyote and the environment or the relationship between the coyote and the viewer. It's so much more difficult, but it forces me to up the game and "work the scene." For me, my ratio that was between 1/2 and 1/3 now has significantly shrunk to 1/10 or even less.

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