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Re: A tip about the corners: Nikon 17-35mm f2.8

Robin Casady wrote:

RBFresno wrote:

Never had the 17-35, but if you are shooting in low light, I recall reading that it wasn't particularly sharp at f/2.8, especially in the corners...

When shooting with the 17-35 on a D800E I discovered that the corner softness is due to extreme curvature of the field of focus. You can actually focus for the corners. So, when shooting static subjects with a tripod you can focus stack for the corners.

Focused for the bottom edge center

Focused for the corner (viewing lower left corner of image)

Full frame for reference

Even if there is some movement in the subject, the corners can often be masked in with layers in CS6.

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Good point about the field curvature.

However your images were taken at f/5.6 where the 17-35 is know to sharpen up.

But, according to Rorslett and others, the corners are relatively soft "across the frame: at f/2.8. However, I don't know if he took field curvature into account. He's pretty meticulous and probably did...

Interestingly, he noted that "the curvature of field for the 17-35 was very low"

"Image contrast and sharpness improve rapidly upon stopping down, and within the peak range of f/5.6-f/11 the image results are simply stunning"

Rorslett 17-35 comments

He also specifies that the corners were soft at 17mm f/2.8. Your example is at 28mm, right near the 17-35's sweet spot.

Rorslett; Detailed and updated 17-35 review.

It's worth noting that his testing was done with film and  DSLR's of a decade ago...No D800 torture test!

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