Best double sided matte and semi-gloss paper?

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Red River has what you need.....

MT wrote:

I use a Canon 9000 MKII printer. To print photo books, I've been using Staples Double sided matte paper. It's color gamut/contrast etc leaves something to be desired when compared to the likes of the Canon Photo Paper Pro Semi-Gloss.

Quick question. Are there any better double sided Matte Photo Paper? i see that Epson makes a double sided Premium Matte. Wonder how that compares to the Staples version.

Also, does anyone make semi-gloss or lustre double sided paper that you would recommend?



Matte most likely will never look contrast/saturation wise as good as semi-gloss.

I use RR Arctic Polar Luster for books and it works out quite well.

Bob P.

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