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Ursula Freer wrote:

jtoolman wrote:

Ursula Freer wrote:

I always us matte black for printing (Photoshop). When I do a nozzle check the printer changes to gloss black wasting ink in the process. I also get an error message regarding the wrong size of paper. I use letter size for this and that's what is specified in the nozzle check procedure.

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Do you run the nozzle check from the printer LCD panel or the driver from the computer?

From the computer, why? Is there a difference?

Check your basic prefferences from your Devices and Printers tab on your PC ( if MAC then I do not know ) right click the printer icon and under printer prefferences set to always print to Matte material, quality, orientation and No Color Management then click on apply or OK and those settings should become your defaults from that point onward unless you temporarily change them when you print.


I know how to change basic preferences on my Mac (OS10.6.8), but the only choice I have is the paper size, nothing about matte, quality, orientation and color mgt. Maybe someone with a Mac could enlighten me?

Thank you Joe!


Because if you use the LCD you are by passing the printer driver and the OS in your MAC which might be defaulted to ALWAYS use glossy, thus the constant change of the black ink.

I know this is going to sound very biased but if you have been keeing track for the majority of really weird or odd printing problems, not just the normal, " my prints are darker than my monitor ", the common condition seems to be that the user is printing from a MAC OS. There's just seems to be this unexplained inability for the EPSON Driver and the OS to get along.

Those who are MAC OS / Printing experts have obviously figured it out and I wish they would share their knowledge here with those who are experiencing these problems.


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