Free Riders in Challenge Voting: My Top Ten!

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Re: Free Riders in Challenge Voting: My Top Ten!

Harveydad wrote:

Ruth, you might consider adding me to that list. Although I have voted many times in the past, I recently stopped voting. I have found that the way the voting is now done requires too much time if you try to be fair and impartial, and evaluate each and every entry. The number of challenges and the number of entrants requires at least a minute or two or even more in most cases to make fair comparisons, each entry against every other. I have felt for some time that it might be easier for the Host to select the top entries which he/she feels meet the rules and merit recognition, and do away with voting by everybody on everything. There are no prizes or money involved. Just one guy's rant.

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POGO was right !

Hi Harveydad,

If I, as Host, were given the dubious task each week of selecting the top places in my challenges, then not surprisingly, I'd always choose my favourite photographers' entries! And do you want me also to select places for the rest of the hundred entries, including the poor souls landing in last spot?

There would be howls of derision from everyone if I was given this task of being judge and jury. I see myself as a facilitator, NOT a judge.  I certainly don't have the expertise and vast knowledge that many members have, and I'm very happy to leave the voting in their hands. (I just wish a few more members would participate in the voting.)

BTW, your voting track record is excellent, with over 8,000 votes recorded.


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