The power of the powershot

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MattJCarter wrote:

seri_art wrote:

To my eyes, the image from the 500HS is about what I'd expect from it in good light, a good-quality image. But the image from the V1 is not at all what I'd expect from that camera at ISO 200. Details are smeared beyond recognition and the overall image is very poor. I'd certainly like to hear from other owners of the V1 with examples.

The pics shown are most certainly not what the v1 is capable of. Have a look in the nikon 1 forum and you'll see much better representations, I'd also recommend checking out Steve huffs review of the v1, he has some good pics on there.

this comparison is pretty ridiculous IMO as no two settings are identical (whether its the iso, scenes themselves etc). It would be akin to finding a poor picture online taken by someone with an RX1, then finding a half decent picture taken with a lx7 and making a comparison. It makes little sense.

kind regards Matt

The comparison is not riculous.

I beg to differ.

Both cameras where in auto iso.

Both auto white balance.

I just changed exposure compensation.

I did not compare iso 200 with iso 200 , with the same aperture and shutter speed because as I did already point out, such comparison is somewhat artificial.

This is not a iso contest.

Or an aperture contest.

This was a comparison between 2 cameras.

In street shooting I , most of the times, use the camera in auto with some slight exposure compensation.

What matt is saying does not make sense. He is saying that compare 2 cameras in auto mode does not make sense since it is not a scientific comparison !!!

Of course it does make sense since its exactly in that way ( auto with exposure compensation ) that many people take their pictures, while doing street shooting.

What does less sense is to do studio comparisons because that not the way many people if not most people shoot in the street.

The only valid criticism is that pictures were taken in different days with a difference of 2 hours.

I acknowledge such criticism.

Now to claim that comparing 2 cameras in auto mode does not make sense is not a valid proposition.

As I wrote a camera is a tool not a toy.

It therefore makes ALL the sense to use the tool in auto and look at the results.( and compare such results)

Such comparisons are perfectly valid since I do shoot in auto with exposure compensation while outside and many people do it also.

But there is more :  People were shown pictures shot with the V1  . Raw files  developed with further software.

Under such conditions more beautiful shots can be obtained . But this was not my point. Many people do not have time, knowledge   ,   to develop files from raw.

Such files do not represent what an average joe could get from V1, and this was exactly the point I did want to make : Let us see what  cameras can do in auto mode.

My only error was to shoot in different days, different time of the day.

I will shoot with both cameras  auto  plus exposure compensation  ,  in the same day, with a difference of minutes and I can post here the results.

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