D800/E - Pearstone Batteries - Any Good?

Started Feb 28, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: D800/E - Pearstone Batteries - Any Good?

John4 wrote:

My D800, bought in December, also came with a Pearstone battery. It charged OK and seems to power the camera OK but I found that in the Battery info menu item, the No. of Shots since last charge counter never got above about 5. It kept gratuitously resetting to zero. Searching on the Internet I found this not an uncommon problem. I lost confidence in it at that point. I still have it but probably won't use it much. You hear about battery overheating issues with lithium batteries etc. I just bought another Nikon battery.

+1 - While the Pearstone seems to be working-  I have noticed the same behavior. I figured why risk a $3000 camera over a Chinese battery that I got for free from B+H, so I just spent the $60 for a Nikon branded EN-EL5 and will use the Pearstone as an emergency backup.

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