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Tom, the observation about the empty Ricoh stall in a camera store is interesting because it is indicative of the problem ... there are no new products, and without new products, camera makers die.

we all know that it does not matter whether the cameras still function, it does not matter that they are great photographic tools, because only a very small percentage of all photographic equipment buyers will take the time to properly informed themselves and buy an obscure camera. add of that group that would even consider a purchase, an even smaller number of photographers would purchase a camera that appears to be potentially abandoned by its maker.

I think we can all agree that the potential market for the GXR is relatively small even at the best of times, for instance when a new product is released. these are not the best of times.

more than the report from Japan, what seems indicative to me as to what really maybe going on, pop flash not having an effective lineup of GXR and Ricoh cameras suggests something significant is afoot.

my recollection is that when I purchased my gsxr, pop flash was 1 of the only for authorized dealers in the entire United States. They were the only dealer which actually made a big deal of selling the camera lineup. Pro Photo in Portland Oregon carry the cameras but didn't go out of its way to market them. The too large online sellers carry them in their lineup like they carry 100,000 other products. if the only dealer, and a dealer that specialized in range finder cameras, stop scaring the GXR and related products, that is probably significant and not a positive.

just reading the tea leaves, well there are other explanations, this interpretation seems most apt.

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