Which lens for a D3S? ... 24-70, 24-120, 28-300?

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What Lens For Travel?

It depends a lot on what you want to shoot of course, but for international travel where photography is not necessarily the focus (sorry!), my go-to lens for my D3s (and now D4) is the 24-70mm.  Landscapes, cityscapes, inside buildings and portraits are all handled extremely well by this lens.  When you have a camera with the capability of the D3s it'd be a shame to hobble it with anything but the best quality lens you can afford, and afford to carry.  For more local travel I also frequently take with me just a 35mm f1.4 prime when I want a great lens but don't want to carry all the kit.  So you might miss the odd shot because you don't have longer range, but the the shots you do get will have the potential for greatness.

However, as the D3s doesn't have an inbuilt flash, you might need to carry one with you.  If you have the room, a full size flash is great, but if not, the Nikon SB-400 is small and light.  Just the thing for when a little fill-flash is needed over a modest distance.

Price-wise, you can regularly buy little-used top quality lenses off eBay that will lift your photo quality a notch, while costing similar money to a brand new lens of lesser quality. Just do your homework first if taking this route.

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