Free Riders in Challenge Voting: My Top Ten!

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Re: Free Riders in Challenge Voting: My Top Ten!

Molarjung wrote:

I'm frightened, I'm scared, I'm panic-stricken! I find my name on a list of The 10 top DPR wanted criminals, I was spied on, I'm trialed and convicted in public!

Democracy has been abolished, dictatorship is being established, draconian disqualification rules are being put into action, the end to freedom of choice has come...

And it is all about voting or not voting? Isn't it over the edge? Is it worth it?


I'm sorry if you are having a panic-attack, and are now hiding under your bed....

These challenges are presented to all of us as DPR members, for our enjoyment, and maybe to learn something about the art of photography. You yourself asked questions of other members recently about how to improve your scoring rate, and you received some very helpful replies. (They freely gave their time and expertise to you.)

If every member felt as you do, "I can't be bothered voting," "I don't think my vote will make a difference," "I don't feel competent to judge other entries," "let someone else do the hard work for me" then your entries would get NO VOTES at all. That, Molarjung, would be the reality.

There has to be give as well as take. The Challenges website is based on cooperation and participation by ALL members, and right now it is struggling to survive, it seems to me, because there are more takers than givers.

I'll get off my soapbox now.


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