Why a Novaflex adapter?

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Looking at adapters to mount pentax K mount lenses to xpro-1. The Novaflex is $300, but there's cheaper options, like the $40 fotodiox. Is there any gain in getting the Novaflex over another brand? (besides the aperture ring, as the lenses already have it). The price difference is pretty substantial.

I'd also love to hear from anyone who's mounted pentax lenses on the fuji- opinions, general thoughts, reviews, etc. I'm looking to use the 43mm & 77mm ltd specifically.


I don't have an "X" cam but I believe that the Novaflex adapters have a tripod mount, which might even be removable. I'm not sure if the other adapters have this feature, you should look into it to be sure. As far as the price, I have yet to see a German made product that is poorly made, so while the others may work just fine one does have to pay for higher quality.



The Metabones adapters have removable tripod sockets, not Novoflex. However, Novoflex does one better: a separate purchase tripod bracket that works with NEX, X, and MFT. I tried it out at Yodobashi before deciding to stay with Nikon for work stuff, and was pleasantly surprised. The bracked is pretty sturdy. I'd not put a large lens on it, but for macro work, especially when you need to rotate the camera often, the rotatable tripod collar obviates the need for an L bracket. In fact, I may still purchase one.

I'm enjoying the X enough that if I can get into a good workflow, I'd really like to eliminate Nikon anything except F mount lenses from my workflow.

OK, sorry for the confusion.


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