Colour problems with Canon Pro9000 Mk2

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I've been looking for a solution to this problem for over two years; since the day I got the Canon Pro9500II printer. I've documented my workflow and choice of profiles and settings, etc. I've read probably 30 forum threads like this one and tried all of the solutions to no avail. I upgraded from Win 7 to Win 8 (both 64 bit) to no avail. Then I got smart and tried printing from my laptop and the horrid magenta cast was not there. I printed a dozen 8x10's and all are excellent. These are images I prepared on my desk computer and moved to the laptop via export to a LR4 catalog. Both screens are calibrated and while the laptop is sub-sRGB while the desk monitor is 95% of AdobeRGB, both show no magenta cast. The Canon driver preview on the desk computer shows the magenta cast while the preview on the same driver on the laptop does not. I've compared my LR4 and PS CS6 settings on both machines and they are the same. I've generated my own printer/paper profiles and using them on the desk computer gives me the magenta cast. Using them on the laptop does not.

I'm convinced there is a problem with Windows or a windows setting that is behind this, at least for those that have worked through all of the intricacies of work flow and printing with no solution. My desk computer was running Win 7 64 and was updated to Win 8 64 (didn't help). The Laptop has a fresh install of Windows 8 64. The only difference is the fresh install. That and the fact that I get good prints from the laptop but not the desk computer suggests there is an issue with the Windows installation on the desk computer. I've checked all the Windows settings I can find to no avail. My next step is a fresh install of Windows 8 on the Desk computer, or at least a trial install on a spare hard drive.

in the printer driver.

It's a known problem for the magenta cast for some Win 7 users, including me. Just make sure you reboot the computer after turning off print preview and see if that helps eliminate the magenta color cast.

Bob P.

Bob what is the path to the  printer drive? I did a search under the printer, then as an open search. Only place I can find print preview is in the print screen?



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