Lightroom 4.4 and ACR 7.4 - Tests, Discussions Continued

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Re: Lightroom 4.4 and ACR 7.4 - Tests, Discussions Continued

hexxthalion wrote:

Here are 2 exactly the same RAF files, one processed in C1 (7.0.2) and the other one in LR4.4, it's 100% of top right corner of the photo - ISO5000 - F/5.6 - 1/125s - 18mm

C1 7.0.2

LR4.4 RC

Also, not much had to be done with the C1 processed image, just CA and a bit of contrast. LR image on the other hand needed on top of that also vibrance, saturation and clarity. To me, it looks like C1 produces not just more detailed images but also with better colour reproduction. I'm a long time LR user, since first BETA but the results from C1 are just better.

The C1 image is sharper, but also has some artifacts on the rock surfaces. You may want to reduce the details slider to get rid of these. I usually find the default setting of 50 much too high.

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