First shots with my new X-S1

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Re: First shots with my new X-S1

vlad2304 wrote:

You know, changes happened to Russia during last 20-25 years are so dramatic that I compare them with turning huge oceanic ship 180 degrees within one minute.

Everything changed: what was undeniably right is wrong, enemies became friends, etc., etc. The most hurt are people who finished their active career in early 90-s: together with ideological crisis they faced low pensions (if any), galloping prices: literary - they stopped feeling the firm ground under their feet. Communism together with social secutrity it gave to people (the chain: birth-school-college-job-pension-cemetery was guaranteed) produced in people lack of initiative.

So, to make the long story short, those who have initiative usually feel better now (and buy $600 cameras and $600mll. British football clubs), those who don't - feel remorse.

Hi Vlad (Voloda?),

I have really only the best memories on Moscow. In May 1978 (when I was there) it was a beautiful city, extremely clean, green and warm. I was walking every Saturday and Sunday all days along the city. I saw all major museums, parks and exhibitions. Are there still those kiosks (automats) with the soda water (for 1 Kopejka), or apple lemonade (3 Kopejky) along the streets? Your Metro system was great as well. I can still remember: Ostorozno, dver zakryvajetsja. Sledujuscaja stancija Juznaja.

Have a nice day(s) with the great pictures, but as Moscow have very close climate to the Canada’s capital, I can imagine that nice days are still weeks and weeks to come.

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